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Our process begins when you choose to visit Belize. Some choose a western Caribbean Cruise while others come to visit for a few days to weeks. 

Contact us to book your cave tubing or cave tubing combination tours and get your confirmation. You may choose to pay cash at meet and greet or you can pay with your credit card at booking. Print out your confirmation which includes detailed instructions and MAP.

Cruise Passengers: A Challenge Travel and Tours representative will meet and greet you at the Belize Cruise Port as you exit Terminal 1. The official name for the Port is the "Fort Street Tourism Village". Ensure that you find Terminal 1 and then continue to walk through the EXIT "sliding glass doors".

Here you will see several company representatives holding their respective company signs. Challenge Travel and Tours will have their company sign along with your names. Its very easy to spot our company LOGO and your names.

Approach the representative and submit your confirmation copy. You will then be paired with your tour guide who will escort you to the tour van. If you are a part of a large group, out tour bus will come to the Terminal to do the pick-up. Visit our equipment page to see our gears and tour vehicles.

Overnight Guests: when you are in Belize, we will do a pickup at your hotel lobby, the marine terminal for those who are staying on the Islands, or at the municipal airport in Belize City. You can also arrange pickup in other states (called districts locally). 

The journey to the caves is approximately 1 hour from Belize City. The cave park has restroom facilities and also changing rooms with shower stalls. Your tour guide will keep you briefed on our system, gears and time management. Be prepared to learn a lot about our history, ecology, fauna and flora.

When we reach the caves, you will get into your clothing for cave tubing. Your tour guide will then hand you a head lamp and your life preserver. We then hike for two minutes to the river bank. We will cross the cave branch river and then your cave tubing tour begins. 

Please remember that this tour includes a 30 minute hike through the jungle to get to the cave entrance. You will see and hear lots of amazing things on your way. At the cave entrance you will get a rest break and then you put on your head lamp, ensure your life preserver is properly on then board your flotation device. Your tour guide will arrange your tubes.

Time to enjoy your scenic float down-stream of the cave branch river and through the fantastic cave. Be prepared to get wet. See drawing to the left.

We will be floating approximately 30 minutes through the cave and followed by another 20 minutes open river float to the point where we first crossed the river.

When we reach the finish line, we appreciate that you assist your guide to take your gears to our storage facility located at the parking lot. 

Get dressed and then is time to board your tour van or tour bus and drive back to the Cruise port or your hotel. If you arranged lunch then it lunch time before the return journey.


Cave Tubing Tour is usually combined with Zip Line. Both activities are located at the cave park.



What To Bring Along for your Cave Tubing Tour:

1. Pair of wet shoes with thick souls. CROCKS can do the job as they are made from rubber.

2. A dry towel for each person in your group

3. A change of clothing for each person in your group

4. Bug Spray & Sun Block

5. Any Medication if necessary

6. Cameras - water proof cameras recommended

7. Zip Lock bag - to protect phones or other important items such as cash, wallets or any other personal items.


1. Please bring extra cash for souvenirs and tipping

2. The currency exchange rate is TWO Belize Dollars to ONE US dollar

3. Respect the environment and leave behind only foot prints

4. Be responsible for the gears, if you break them you PAY for them. 

  • Head Lamps - US $10.00
  • Life Preservers - US $20.00
  • Flotation Devise - US $30.00

other than this we are kool.

5. No standing on the inner mesh of the flotation devises. So parents please work with our tour guides to make your children remain properly seated in their tubes.

our experience

Belize is filled with adventures and cave tubing is definitely one for the books. Belize is known to have one of the largest cave system in Central America, so come away with us to explore the wonders of the caves.  

When touring with us, you can trust that we will take care of you. Our top-notch services and amenities guarantee that you'll have an amazing experience. 

Challenge Travel and Tours is a unique cave tubing bargain based business in Belize. Known for its professional, customized, luxurious cave tubing tours that never disappoint. Challenge Travel and Tours will help you plan an unforgettable tour. We are dedicated to ensure that you have the best cave tubing tour while you are in Belize. We know that planning a trip is time consuming, but with our knowledgeable staff, all you'll need to plan is your wardrobe for your one-of-a-kind cave adventure.

Challenge Travel and Tour is dedicated in providing an amazing experience that will leave memories that will last a lifetime. 

Our Cave Tubing Tour can be combined with other tours that we provide:

Cave Tubing + Zip Line

Cave Tubing + AltunHa (Maya Archaeology Tour)

Cave Tubing + Belize Zoo (Great for the Kids)

Cave Tubing + AltunHa + Zip Line

Cavetubing Experience

let us take you cave tubing when you visit Belize. We are the cave tubing specialist and are looking forward to meeting you in Belize to show you a fantastic time at our caves.